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The previous East West Transport Corridor project was a success and therefore the strong partnership decided to continue their co-operation in a follow up project named East West TC II. The new project will highlight the development of a "Green Corridor Concept" as a best practise case in the European context.

The project East West TC II was started in September 2009 and will run until September 2012. Region Blekinge is the Lead Partner and the total budget is about 6 MEUR. Around 70 partners from Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Italy, China and Den­mark have joined the project. Several of the partners come from the private sector. Moreover, the project is supported by both the Swedish and Lithuanian governments. Below is a summary of the content in the application.

Green cooperation stimulate economic growth

Through international cooperation, the aim of the project is to develop and work for efficient, safe and environmen­tally friendly handling of the increasing amount of goods going east-west in the south Baltic region. The project will prepare stakeholders in the region to enhance sustainable transport planning and smart IT solutions in the field of transport.

This in combination with business development in the transport sector will stimulate the economic growth in the entire East West TC.

Three main focuses:

1) To make East West TC a good example of a Green Trans­port Corridor in line with EU's latest transport policies also meeting market demands for more efficient and environmental friendly transports.

2) To develop an innovative pilot testing ground where modern technology and information systems contrib­ute to increased efficiency, traffic safety and security as well as reduced environment impact in the corridor.

3) Supporting economic growth within the cor­ridor particularly in ports and inland hubs by stimulating new business models for e.g. railway transport.

Long term co-operation

The East West TC is one of the most central corridors within the Northern Transport Axis and has already a Cor­ridor Organisation and Structure in place that will make a significant contribution to development of the Northern Transport Axis and the Green Corridor Concept.

A durable network of stakeholders will be formed through the East West TC Association that will enable a long term co-operation between different stakeholders in the cor­ridor.

Expected results

Examples of end result of the project are:

• East West TC is as a Best Practice Case for Green Corridor development

• East West TC is a part of the EU commissions Action Plan for the Baltic Sea Region and is an integrated part of the Northern Transport Axis.

• A manual of how to develop a Green Corridor in accordance with the EU:ds transport policies and to offer stakeholders in the East West TC more eco-friendly transport alternatives than available today.

• An innovative IT-based "Information Broker Sys­tem" for transport and traffic information which will increase efficiency and reduce the environ­mental impact

• A manual of how to buy, sell, and plan eco-friend­ly transports, which can be used by different customers

• New business concepts for railway transports

• Improved transport service in ports and terminals

• Increased transport competence among various stakeholders within the East West TC

• Improved infrastructure within the East West TC

About EWTC I

The project "East-West Transport Corridor" was a cooperative venture between 42 different partners - local, regional and national authorities, universities, harbours and private stakeholders - in Denmark, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden. The project started in 2006 with Region Blekinge as the Lead Partner. A project secretariat was established in Karlshamn, Sweden. The project was cofinanced by the project partners and the Interreg IIIB Baltic Sea 2000-2006 programme.

EWTC aimed to strengthen the transport development through infrastructure improvements, new solutions for business, logistics and co-operation between researchers. During approximately 20 months an extensive workload was carried out in the project. During this period a number of reports were made, seminars, workshops and conferences held and many interesting discussions carried out between all the different partners in the project consisting of spatial planners, politicians, businessmen, public officers and researchers.

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Mathias Roos
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Financial Manager
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